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Segmental Retaining Walls (SRW’s) are gravity retaining walls which consist of interlocking concrete blocks. These walls rely on their mass to provide stability for the structure and are mortar free (dry-stacked). The SRW system is designed for difficult areas to provide adequate retention, prevent sloping, caves and slides where they are used to hold back soil and provide a solid vertical aesthetically pleasing presentation.


Segmental Retaining Walls are uniquely constructed to allow higher and steeper walls to be built securely by using the force of lateral earth pressure created by backfill soil. SRW’s are flexible and do not brandish stress fractures as traditionally constructed concrete walls. The interlocking concrete moves flexibly with any movement of the earth and only requires minor adjustment. There are particular financial advantages of choosing to construct SRW’s instead of traditional walls. Construction of SRW’s virtually eliminates the cost of importation of fill dirt and materials excavation including the elimination of heavy materials construction. This construction is environmentally non evasive and is attractive as well as structurally sound.


SWR’s provide natural beauty through the wide variety of colors, sizes, and textures. They function in large scale applications such as erosion control and small landscape projects. They are ideal for one who wants to incorporate straight or curved lines, steps, and corners within the landscape. SWR’s offer slope support and extend usage of areas that would otherwise be unusable. Retaining walls offer solutions to grade changes and are functional in widening driveways, or creating extended patio space.